Vocations Commission

In a general sense, a call from God to salvation and holiness is each person's vocation. To answer the call for a particular way of life in the Church is something each baptized Christian is called to do. The purpose of our parish Vocations Commission is to raise the consciousness of our parishioners to realize that as it takes a whole village to raise a child, so too, it takes a whole parish to foster a vocation. St. Paul is part of a Collaborative Vocations Commission.

Teaching Parish

St. Paul the Apostle Parish was chosen to be a "Teaching Parish" for one of our Seminarians. This program gives these young men direct access to observing and taking part in pastoral work within a parish. Our seminarian, Denis Beltre, was informed of his assignment to his teaching parish in the attached memo. (Please click here to Read PDF) 

Please continue to pray for Vocations and encourage the younger generation to consider the priesthood.