Human Concerns Commission

St. Paul the Apostle is blessed with an active Human Concerns Commission, comprised of men and women who recognize that every Christian is called to serve and work towards justice. Through the efforts of our Human Concerns Team, the needs of people in the parish and wider community are identified, and resources are used to meet those needs. As the needs change, so do the programs and organizations whom we support.

Our Human Concerns Commission directs our annual Advent and Lenten projects, where a charity or organization is chosen as a recipient of our parish generosity. In the past, we have supported HALO (the area homeless shelter), Ridgewood Nursing Home, the Foster Care Program, the Heifer Project and Healthcare Network.

In addition to our annual projects, the umbrella of Human Concerns includes the St. Rose Meal Program, Hospital Visitors, Happy Crafters, Sunshine Club, Ridewood Care Center volunteers, Matthew 25 Food Pantry, St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry and Respect Life Projects.

Volunteers should have a desire to roll up their sleeves and serve others as Christ asks us to. The time commitment varies with each project or event.

Marty, SD

Facts About the Mission to St. Paul Parish Marty, S.D.

  • The mission date is determined at the first meeting.
  • Marty is 650 miles from Racine,WI.
  • It’s about a 10 - 11 hour drive from Racine.
  • For over 15 years, there has been a St. Paul mission trip from Racine to Marty to minister to the Native American population.
  • Now that there is only a visiting priest, the Oblate sisters, in residence, are the administrators of the parish. The sisters have always been a significant help and influence on what we were able to accomplish in Marty. There are currently 4 sisters in residence.


  • The availability of sleeping accommodations on site varies from year to year. Last year there were 2 or 3 bed spaces available in the vacant rectory building. There were also 4 bed spaces available for women in the convent.
  • There is a motel in Pickstown, SD, about 12 miles away, at which some people choose to stay.


The meals are shared in common in the church basement. Historically one or two, usually ladies, accept the challenge of preparing the meals. The meals are basic and wholesome, varied but not gourmet. Meal expenses are shared equally by the participants.


Transportation is by automobile. We share rides to minimize the cost of travel for the individuals. We can always use extra minivans or pickup trucks to help transport food, tools, and supplies.


We have a daily prayer service or, whenever possible, a mass to share our faith.

What we do there, the fellowship and the work


We interact with the local parishioners and the disadvantaged for whom we do projects as well as the religious personnel. We have shared meals that we have prepared and ones that were prepared for us by the local people.

The Work:

There are many clean-up, paint-up and fix-up projects. There is a lot of interior and exterior cleaning and painting needed. Construction projects vary with the talent available. We have built exterior stairways and built and repaired many decks and handicapped ramps. We have also repaired drywall, replaced windows and doors and we’ve done light plumbing work. On occasion we have poured concrete sidewalks, patios and footings.


For further information, contact Doug and Sheila Wroblewski at 262-886-2826.