St. Paul Building Assessment

St. Paul Building Assessment-Church Presentation Feb. 14th after Mass


Earlier this year, Partners in Design Architects was retained by St. Paul the Apostle

parish to inspect its parish building and systems, provide an assessment of their

condition, and identify work items necessary to keep them in good condition and

working order, and to proactively plan for any out of the ordinary capital

expenditures which may be required over the next decade and beyond.

The Finance Council will share their findings after the 10:00 Mass on Sunday February 14th.


These issues have been

categorized into groups including Sitework, Building Shell, Interior Components and

Finishes, Mechanical and Electrical. Each item was then assigned a priority to

remedy depending on their urgency for correction, replacement or repair.

Work Items identified as “Immediate” will need to be addressed in the next one to two

years.  Intermediate Work Items may not

present any immediate concern, but if left unaddressed could present future

problems. We recommend that items assigned this priority be addressed in the next

three to five years.

Long term Work Items are not pressing and may not need to be

addressed for five to ten years or longer. They do not present any immediate

concern, but should be planned for in the future.